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Hatfield Montessori Open Day

You are invited to the Hatfield Montessori Open Day on 10 June 2023 in Hatfield, Pretoria.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see the school and meet some of the staff and get your questions answered.

montessori open day

Visiting a Montessori school on an open day is crucial for parents and caregivers who are considering enrolling their child in a Montessori education. It offers a unique opportunity to observe and experience the environment firsthand, interact with teachers and staff, and gain a deeper understanding of the Montessori philosophy and approach. Here are several reasons why visiting a Montessori school on an open day is important:

  1. Observation of the Environment: Open days provide an opportunity to observe the Montessori learning environment in action. Parents can see how the classroom is arranged, the materials available to children, and how the space is designed to promote independence, exploration, and engagement. Observing the environment allows parents to understand how Montessori principles are implemented and how they contribute to the educational experience.
  2. Interaction with Teachers and Staff: Open days offer the chance to meet and interact with Montessori teachers and staff. Parents can ask questions about the curriculum, teaching methods, and the overall educational philosophy. Building a relationship with the teachers helps parents to gain insight into the expertise and dedication of the educators who will be guiding their child’s learning journey.
  3. Understanding the Montessori Approach: Montessori education has its unique principles and practices. Visiting a Montessori school on an open day allows parents to gain a deeper understanding of the Montessori philosophy, the emphasis on child-centered learning, the role of the teacher as a guide, and the focus on individualized learning experiences. This understanding helps parents to make an informed decision about whether Montessori education aligns with their child’s needs and their educational values.
  4. Observing Peer Interactions: Open days provide an opportunity to observe how children interact with one another in a Montessori environment. Parents can witness the cooperation, independence, and respect that are fostered within the classroom. Observing peer interactions allows parents to see how children collaborate, learn from one another, and develop social skills in a Montessori setting.
  5. Experiencing the Atmosphere: Open days allow parents to experience the overall atmosphere of the Montessori school. They can observe the calm and peaceful environment, the focus on concentration and engagement, and the nurturing and supportive interactions between teachers and students. Experiencing the atmosphere helps parents to assess whether it aligns with their expectations for their child’s learning environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer an individualised learning experience using the Montessori method for children to promote excellence in school and beyond.

Our Mission

We are responsible for being a school distinguished by:

1. a cooperative approach between diverse children, staff and parents.

2. using the Montessori method with a team of qualified professionals

3. fostering an early education which nurtures children to develop and reach their full potential in their emotional, intellectual, physical and social development.

Our Core Values

Respect: We at HMP believe that respect is the foundation of our successful community.

Excellence: Our motivation to deliver a high level of education is due to excellence which at times exceeds our own expectations.

Ownership: Ownership at HMP reflects a high sense of responsibility and initiative to give positive results.

Social Responsibility: We are committed to our social responsibility by adopting policies that promote the well being of society and the environment.

Diversity: HMP values the diversity of children, staff and parents which develops a more successful and unique experience as one family.

Team work: We achieve all the above due to our remarkable Team.

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