Whether you are thinking of enrolling your child or just wish to learn more about Montessori education, we will be glad to meet you.


As a parent you want a happy well-rounded, curious child who engages with their peers, has good interpersonal skills, and is curious about the world. Hatfield Montessori is just the right community for you and your family if you seek a preschool that

  • Is operating according to DSD Covid-guidelines to ensure the highest possible degree of safety for the children during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Is child-centered with hands-on learning opportunities
  • Encourages self-direction, independence and honours your child’s individuality
  • Honours your child’s learning style and meets them where they are to teach them individually and at their own pace
  • Allows children to learn science, maths, geography, culture and life skills through activities rather than being told / shown about each subject.

Our staff is highly qualified with many years of combined Montessori training and other  experience. Our teachers engage with students in a holistic learning environment with both an indoor and outdoor classroom (we consider our garden environment to be an extension of the classroom).

We believe in creating a learning community that engages both students and parents. We encourage our parents to join us in co-creating a highly caring and compassionate environment.

Wondering how your child will be different after learning and growing with us? Don’t take our word for it, check out what our past and current parents have to say about our school.

Concerned about Coronavirus? – go to www.sacoronavirus.co.za

Hatfield Montessori Preschool has put in place Policies and Procedures in regard to Covid-19 HMP-Covid-19-Procedures-and-Policies

And if you’re interested in enrolling please fill in your details here to arrange an interview for your family.