Nutritional Approach

The food served at school is mainly vegetarian and aims to be nutritious and balanced. As part of a child’s education it is important as early as possible to guide him/her towards making healthy eating choices which will set habits for life.

Adventurous tasting of new fruits at snack time happens when the children watch what the others eat and hence they themselves will try. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are harvested by the children from the school’s vegetable garden and they are free to taste at morning and afternoon snack time.

Our aim is to develop appreciation of a healthy diet. The menu and recipes we use have been checked by a dietician to be sure that food consumed at school has balanced nutrients. Naturally it depends on food consumed at home also being healthy and balanced for the child to be receiving an ideal diet.

Download dietician’s recommendations

The children are actively involved in growing seasonal vegetables in the garden and wherever possible these are offered as part of the daily diet, either during morning snack time or at lunch time.

Often by growing their own vegetables children develop good nutrition habits, are more willing to try new tastes and gain an understanding of where food comes from.

Good food choices are extended to birthday celebrations where the parents supply a fruit platter rather than a birthday cake.

Recipes used for lunch at HMP