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The Daily Program

Our daily program is filled with educational activities and free play. Children at Hatfield Montessori can also enjoy extra-mural activities offered at the school. This includes Soccerstarz and Yoga.

According to Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) the Montessori environment is: 

  • Organised to support the developmental characteristics and interests of a mixed-age group within an identified range
  • Promotes lively and purposeful engagement in both indoor and outdoor settings
  • Can be adapted to any culture or setting
  • Thrives through the trained adult’s careful observation of both universal and individual needs as revealed by each unique learner
  • The Outdoor area is as attractive as the indoor area and is available to the children at all times

AMI further explains, “The visible environment includes accessible furniture, a variety of workspaces, and scientifically designed materials displayed for free choice of activity. These materials support concrete exploration, leading to practical skills and abstract knowledge. Such investigation is initiated through minimalist lessons offered by the trained Montessori teacher followed by hands-on, self-directed, and self-correcting learning which can be individual, collaborative, or peer-to-peer”.

They continue, “The absence of an imposed daily schedule and incorporation of logical limits to activity creates an environment that supports independence, confidence, self-discipline, mutual respect, social connection, and stewardship of the domain. The outcome is a vibrant learning community, characterised by positive behavioral, moral, and emotional development and solid cognitive achievements”.

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