Special Montessori Days

Through the years Hatfield Montessori Preschool has developed a heritage of traditions which are passed on year by year.

We hold a Teddy Bears’ Picnic early in the year, usually on the second Friday in February. Parents and a unique soft toy per child are invited to join us for a morning of fun on the grounds of the University. We play games like the musical “Pass the beanbag heart” and an obstacle race to win a gingerbread teddy. There are yummy eats and a chance to draw a heart necklace with a nice message.

Montessori days

Family days are community times when all families are invited to school and usually have a bring-and-share lunch. This is a beautiful time for learning more about other cultures and their foods. On the family day near Easter, the Easter bunny comes to visit and needs help finding his Easter eggs in the garden.

Then in August or September there is Kite Day when we hike up the Magaliesberg to fly kites and picnic.

There is the Montessori Walk, where we walk around Rietondale park to celebrate Dr Montessori’s birthday and, at the same time, promote Montessori education.