about Hatfield Montessori

About Hatfield Montessori

Learn more about Hatfield Montessori preschool. Our highly qualified staff has many years of combined Montessori training and experience. Our teachers engage with students in a holistic learning environment with both an indoor and outdoor classroom (we consider our garden environment to be an extension of the classroom).

We believe in creating a learning community that engages both students and parents. We encourage our parents to join us in co-creating a highly caring and compassionate environment.

Wondering how your child will be different after learning and growing with us? Please don’t take our word for it; check out what our past and current parents say about our school.

Our school is a South African Montessori Association member.

View our SAMA certificate here.

SAMA plays a crucial role in upholding the principles and standards of Montessori education, ensuring the quality and integrity of preschools following this educational approach. Here are several reasons why it is essential for Montessori-style preschools to be affiliated with SAMA:

  1. Upholding Montessori Principles: SAMA provides a platform for Montessori educators and schools to connect, share best practices, and collaborate. By being part of SAMA, preschools can stay updated with the latest research, advancements, and developments in Montessori education. This affiliation enables schools to align their practices with the core principles and philosophies of Maria Montessori’s approach.
  2. Quality Assurance: SAMA sets and maintains high standards for Montessori education in South Africa. Preschools that belong to SAMA undergo a rigorous accreditation process, ensuring that they meet the established criteria for Montessori pedagogy, teacher training, and classroom environments. Being part of SAMA demonstrates a commitment to providing quality education and reassures parents that their children are receiving an authentic Montessori experience.
  3. Professional Development: SAMA offers professional development opportunities for Montessori educators, including workshops, conferences, and training programs. These resources enable teachers to enhance their knowledge, refine their skills, and stay connected with the broader Montessori community. By participating in SAMA’s professional development activities, preschools can ensure continuous growth and improvement in their educational practices.
  4. Networking and Support: Belonging to SAMA provides Montessori preschools with a network of like-minded professionals. This network fosters collaboration, sharing of ideas, and support among educators and administrators. It creates a sense of community within the Montessori education sector, allowing preschools to learn from one another, exchange resources, and address common challenges together.
  5. Advocacy and Recognition: SAMA serves as a unified voice for Montessori education in South Africa. It advocates for the importance of Montessori principles and practices in early childhood education, engaging with policymakers, parents, and the public. By being a member of SAMA, preschools contribute to the collective efforts of promoting and raising awareness about the benefits of Montessori education.

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