Montessori schools
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Montessori Schools’ Nurturing Community Growth and Uniting Cultures

Maria Montessori never labelled her philosophy as an educational method, but she rather saw her extended work as a way of living and educating children. As education for life.

As adults, when we begin to see and understand this special way of being with children and around children, we transform ourselves, first and foremost.

We transform from untrained caretakers to trained adults in the lives of the children around us. We begin to see the importance of educating not only the mind and the body but also the spirit.

As we start to value the nurturing of the spirit of the child to achieve a peaceful world, we realize that as trained adults we need to model what we preach: to teach Montessori, we need to live Montessori.

Living Montessori

In November, our school reached out to the parent community to come together and live Montessori.

She believed that our mind and spirit grow when we work with our hands.

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The parents in our community gathered to nurture their spirits and to grow their minds and skills as they learned how to wax paint eggs according to an ancient Eastern European tradition.

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First Hand Montessori Schools Experience

Everyone got to experience firsthand through a hands-on activity what it means to immerse yourself in meaningful work that stimulates your intellect and your heart.

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 Their concentration was palpable.

Montessori schools

Their pride contagious even through the masks.

Montessori schools
Montessori schools

Article by Anca Bleich

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