Shan Ellis

Shan Ellis – Montessori consultant: Dip Mont Ed (St Nicholas, London) & B V Sc

Prior to 1986 Shan’s inspiration to teach was her three sons, Thomas, Robert and Michael. She had given up a career in research to stay home with them on their small holding where they had a small Saanen goat stud.

Shan soon realized the boys needed friends and intellectual stimulation, so began studying and soon had a small Montessori playgroup going. When it was time for Thomas to begin primary school, Shan looked for premises in town for the playgroup and so Hatfield Montessori Preschool began.

Heather Napier

Heather Napier – Principal and Montessori guide : Dip Mont Ed (Montessori Centre International)

My interest in and love for Montessori pedagogy began during the years that my two daughters attended Hatfield Montessori Preschool. As a parent, I loved how they were treated with respect, how they were observed and nurtured, how the rich diversity in the school was celebrated and how promoting peace was an important value of the school.

Hannalie Minnie- Montessori guide : Dip Mont Ed (College of Modern Montessori), B. Proc

I did my Montessori pre-school diploma in 2004 and qualified, with my practical experience in 2005. I have been involved and working with children ever since and love every minute that I spend time with them.I did courses in child therapy and kept up to date with the relevant teaching methods.  I still believe that Maria Montessori has developed one of the most beautiful and satisfying ways of teaching a child.

I am also trained as a Myofascial training teacher, where we teach children and adults about movement of the body to keep it fit and healthy. I have raised my own children and treasured every developmental phase.  I believe that each child must develop their individuality and personality through their own learning experiences.

Malebo Matlala – Teaching Assistant; B.A

Hello my name is Malebo Mapitsi Matlala. I just recently joined Hatfield Montessori preschool. I had been teaching at another Montessori school for the past seven years. I believe I love my job not only as a job but getting to develop the young minds and give them the responsibility to understand themselves. I was raised in Gauteng and Limpopo, I am the first born in my family of 2. I am a mother of a son. I speak Sepedi. In my spare time I read and exercise. My dream is to go to London to see Big Ben