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    Nature in Education

    When the “The Montessori Method” was published in English in 1912, Dr Montessori included a chapter on “Nature in Education”.  Maria Montessori was firstly a scientist and as we know science does not stand still. New ideas are constantly being developed, tested and accepted or rejected.  Dr Montessori’s thoughts on the importance of the outdoor environment continued to develop when she was in India. In a lecture she gave at Kodaikanal in 1944, Maria Montessori described the school garden as “the entire open space around the school, which should be vitally organised” and said “It forms part of the living environment.” She gives a very full description of the ideal…

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    The Right Preschool for Your Child

    I am sure that any parent about to start their child at preschool already has ambitions for what they would like their child to achieve as an adult. Every parent wants their child to be successful but not every parent is so sure of how to reach this goal.  And there are only 16 – 20 years to produce this adult.  The pressure is on to accelerate the child through the process!  The child must be pressured into reading and writing – surely that’s what’s needed? Or is it? Research has shown that the best predictor of success in life is not the level of academic knowledge but how well…

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    “The Dot” artwork

    “Every so often you get called to do something extraordinary and be a part of an amazing collaboration. When my friend Kiki asked me to be involved in an art project to help raise money for her daughters’ school this is exactly what happened. The thought of doing an art project that involved the whole of Hatfield Montessori Pre-School was at first daunting, like what can I do that would incorporate and celebrate the teaching methods at the school? It had to be something that would honour each individual child and celebrate their unique gifts but at the same time make it a project that would involve everyone coming together.…

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    Welcome to our new website, we hope to keep everyone up to date using this blog, so please check back soon. For the time being please share this with your friends and anyone you think might be interested in the school. We currently have a lot of space for new enrolments for 2019.