Shan Ellis

Shan Ellis – Montessori guide: Dip Mont Ed (St Nicholas, London) & B V Sc

Prior to 1986 Shan’s inspiration to teach was her three sons, Thomas, Robert and Michael. She had given up a career in research to stay home with them on their small holding where they had a small Saanen goat stud.

Shan soon realized the boys needed friends and intellectual stimulation, so began studying and soon had a small Montessori playgroup going. When it was time for Thomas to begin primary school, Shan looked for premises in town for the playgroup and so Hatfield Montessori Preschool began.

Heather Napier

Heather Napier – Montessori guide : Dip Mont Ed (Montessori Centre International)

My interest in and love for Montessori pedagogy began during the years that my two daughters attended Hatfield Montessori Preschool. As a parent, I loved how they were treated with respect, how they were observed and nurtured, how the rich diversity in the school was celebrated and how promoting peace was an important value of the school.

Adiam Woldeyohannes

Adiam Woldeyohannes – Montessori guide : Dip Mont Ed (Montessori Centre International)

Adiam has a human rights background. She has worked with UNICEF on issues related to child protection. She is passionate about children and believes that a good environment helps children develop holistically. She developed an interest for the Montessori approach of learning while her children attended Hatfield Montessori Pre-school. She believes every child is unique and engages individually.

Sheila Mansell -Montessori guide: Dip Mont Ed (St Nicholas London)

I have always had an avid interest in Biology so I did a biological/geography degree. Aside from that I have always loved children so when my own came along I decided to train in Montessori as the language and especially arithmetic really ‘spoke’ to me as well as the freedom to encourage children to expand their minds. I could not understand children being outdoors and ‘bored’ so opened my own small school and concentrated on teaching children to observe nature and enjoy being outside. After twenty five years on my own I had the opportunity to work in a larger school with colleagues and have since spent another ten years+ at a wonderful school that incorporates and understands my values.

Lindiwe Masombuka

Lindiwe Masombuka – Teaching assistant; N Dip Public Management

Lindiwe has a natural love for teaching and enjoys working with small children. She especially loves laughing and watching the children enjoy their childhood and school experience. She loves the children’s smiles and receiving hugs and artwork from them.
Lindiwe shares her rich Ndebele culture with the school community in the form of dances and songs.